Me . . . hmm. If you're reading this I expect you want something grand and interesting, right? Bwahaaahhaa!!

Well, as you probably already know, I am new to home school. We're heading into our third year. We have a 7th grader (Violet), a 4th grader (Sarah) and a 3rd grader (John). In April 2013 we decided  we needed to bring the kids home. We spent the spring and summer picking curriculum, accumulating supplies and getting the school room ready.

I'm also still healing from major clinical depression and anxiety. But I've been healthy, happy, well adjusted (as well as anybody, I suppose . . .) and present for five years and it is incredible.

I'm 42 and have been married for 14 years to my perfect guy. He took care of me, our three kids, dog, cat and house while I fell apart for two years. So I'm a little biased, but I think he's pretty amazing.

Our daughter, Violet was born in June 2003, Sarah in November 2005 and John in March 2007.  I had three miscarriages in between those pregnancies, making it six pregnancies in five years. John and Sarah are also only 16 months apart. My hormones went a little crazy. So did I. My doctors think this may have contributed to my depression. That it was kind of the impetus. But obviously it wasn't the only reason - when your brain doesn't make all the right chemicals at all the right levels, well, things get crazy.

What else? I want to be a Stepford Wife.  But I'm not. I am so not.

I also knit -- oooh how I love to knit! It's my crack. And I have 'dealers' all over. If you're addicted, ask me and I might have a couple you don't know about.

I know Diana over at Diana Wrote- like in real life know her -- and she got me interested in the whole blogging world. She is amazing. Smart and quick like you wouldn't believe. I started blogging in April 2010, but didn't really do it with any purpose or regularity until October 2010. Before starting this blog in November 2013, I had a previous blog, Baby Feet, where I wrote primarily about depression/anxiety, how I was healing and what had happened to me before I found the doc I'm now with.

And that brings us here. To where I'll be talking about home school and what it truly looks like. I didn't sugar coat depression, and I'm not going to do that here. Like I said, no fancy printables. No Pinterest worthy art projects. (We usually don't even get to art.) This is just authentic me. 

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