Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I Wish I'd Known . . .

Oh, the things I wish I'd known . . . about boys. . .

I wish I'd known that
* Sweet sixteen and never been kissed is good and wonderful thing.
* Cultivate friendships with the right group of girlfriends. The boys will work themselves out.
* You can't get your innocence back, so hold onto it with both hands.
* If you have doubts, listen to them.
* But don't let doubts rule your life. (Follow that?)
* Take the time to observe. Step back and just watch every now and then.
* The boys in high school will still be boys in college.
* When someone says, "You're too good for him" LISTEN!
* Do not, under any circumstance, buy your own engagement ring.
* Sometimes snooping is called for.
* Trust is earned in high school.
* High school is not life. It is four years.
* Date, do not commit.
* Have fun, do not be serious.
* "Hooking up" is lame.
* College friendships are important.
* Your heart will get broken. That's not always a bad thing.
* You can break somebody else's heart.
* Look for a man. Ignore the boys.
* When you find the right man, you will know.
* When that man find you, he will know.
* Be patient and wait for him.

What do you wish you'd known?


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