Wednesday, October 20, 2010

*&%$ My Kids Say

Christmas Eve 2007
Don't kids say the absolute funniest things? I try to write them down, I really do. I need to dig out my kids journals to get to the really good ones, but I've got a few that I remember off the top of my head. I expect you all to share your great ones with me after reading these!

Violet, 3 1/2 years old, to her grandmother, upon seeing a whole, raw chicken: "Look, gramma! The chicken has a 'gina!" (as in vagina)

Sarah, 4 years 11 months, last night, to her father, as she is upstairs where she is supposed to be sleeping but we can hear her singing her heart out at the top of her lungs:
Daddy: "Sarah, are you being quiet?"
Sarah: "Yes, Daddy."
Daddy: "Are you sleeping?"
Sarah: "Yes, Daddy."
Daddy: "Can you sleep quieter?"
Sarah: *big sigh* "I'll try."

Violet,  3 1/2 years old, with her Grandmother and Grandfather in the room, about a day after the infamous 'gina comment, upon seeing a video of her newly born baby brother: "oooohhh!! Looook, Daddy!! He has a little penis!! . . . Just like you!"

Sarah, 3 years old, while taking a bath with John, 2 years old: "That is a peanut John. I have a 'gina. 'Cuz I'ma gurl and you're a boy. Boys got peanuts and gurls gots 'ginas. When you get big you can get a 'gina. Maybe."

John, 3 1/2 years old, in response to his Grannys question about their nightly massage:
Granny: "What do you want me to rub first?" (in her defense, the answer is usually, My fweet my fweet!)
John, matter of factly: "My penis."

After reading this I can see that my family is obsessed with penis's and vagina's. Nice.

I showed you mine, now show me yours!!

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