Saturday, February 12, 2011

Blogging Is Complicated

Who ever said 'just make a blog' is crazy. This is some hard stuff! More later. . .

It's later. This is my first post here on WordPress. Well, it's my second, but you couldn't see my first because I totally messed it up. I imported it from blogger, then thought I didn't need it, so I deleted it, but it posted through NetworkBlogs, so when you clicked on it from Face Book you were directed into a black hole in the weboshpere. Then I totally panicked, pulled my hair out, ran around the house frantically looking for the phone, which was right were it belonged, on the charger, called the blogging goddess, Diana, and she talked me down. Turns out you can't just post, import, delete and let NetworkBlogs publish a link that you've deleted. Things get all sideways and wonky if you do. 45 minutes later she'd taken me through widgets and html code, feedburner feeds and syndications. I'm not completely sure, but I think I can launch the next space shuttle. I know she can.

So, here we are. I still have some stuff to add in, some posts to label, some navigating to figure out. I hope you'll come along with me and check out what's going on around here :)