Friday, May 6, 2011

Childlike Love

I want to be as good as my children. I want to love like they love. I want to feel with such passion, the way they do.

On Saturday night I took Sarah and Violet to Unshakeable Kingdom: Japan Relief Concert. They were a little confused - I guess they thought Jeremiah was going to be singing songs off the radio. When I realized this I was amused. Because then I totally wanted to see Jerimiah rocking out to 'Fire Work' or doing his rendition of 'Mean.'

But that wasn't the type of music we were about to enjoy. We got to participate in a full on gospel concert. It.was.awesome. There were people "amen" - ing and "hallelujah" -ing and "praise the lord" ing left and right. They were dancing in the aisles and raising their hands to the Lord. Hips were swaying, heads were bobbing, hands were clapping. I was in heaven. Violet didn't know what to make of it. Our church is a bit more . . . reserved. When the first guy stood up and raised his hands, Sarah asked me what he was doing. I told her he was worshiping Jesus, just like we do, but in a very joyful way. And that she could join in. Her little hands shot into the air right away.

In between performances there were video's of the earthquake and subsequent tsunami in Japan. Violet and Sarah watched and actually asked quite a few questions. They listened to Jeremiah talk about why he doing this concert and they understood. On March 11, Jeremiah was at the airport getting ready to board an airplane to Japan when the earthquake hit. He was a missionary there for 2 years and was getting ready to go back to see some of his Campus Crusade For Christ friends. So this tragedy has touched Jeremiah in a very personal way. And this concert was his way of giving back.  (In case you haven't realized it yet, Jerimiah is an incredible guy. I didn't fully understand just what a great, compassionate, kind man he was until the night of the concert. )

[caption id="attachment_815" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Sarah, Jerimiah, Violet"][/caption]

Sunday afternoon Sarah was watching Scooby Doo when she suddenly jumped up, ran into the kitchen and said to me, "Mom, we need to help Japan." I told her that we had helped Japan, we'd gone to the concert and given a donation to Jeremiah. He'd make sure the money got to Japan. Then I walked away.

Monday morning at breakfast she stopped eating, looked at Violet and said, "Violet, we have to help Japan. People there don't have houses." Then she and Violet started talking about the video's they'd seen with Jeremiah. About the people who don't have homes, or food. About his friends who are taking trucks full of food to people. About the shaking and the big wave.

Then Sarah said, "Mom, I need to go to Japan."

I explained that she couldn't go to Japan, but that Jeremiah would take the money we'd given him and get food and clothing to the people who needed it. She told me we needed to give Jeremiah more money. I was busy doing dishes. There was cereal everywhere. I said, "Sarah, I don't have any more money to give Jeremiah or Japan. We gave at the concert."

She sat down, played with her bowl, then looked over at her 'Disney Jar.' It's a jar she's been saving all her money in for the last six months or so. She's saving up for Disney World. She hopped down, grabbed her jar and had me empty almost all of it.
Violet followed her with the money she's been saving to get a DS.

John sat there with his fingers in his mouth shaking his head.

We took the money to Jeremiah right then. On the way there I asked Sarah why we were doing this. Why were we giving Jeremiah this money? She told me she had to give Jeremiah the money because Japan needed it, the people needed houses.

And because God tells us to help

I want to be as good as my children.