Saturday, July 23, 2011

How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count The Ways . . .

I know I tease and poke fun at my husband. He is not romantic. He is one sad man when he is sick. But this week I saw, really saw what an incredibly amazing man he is. As if I needed reminding of it.

He stood by me when I was in the deepest, darkest wells of my depression.

I know this.

He took care of our children, our home, the bills, and worked.

I know this.

What I didn't know was how he would spring into action at a look of panic from me, at three words, uttered in helplessness. I looked at him and said, "He needs help." And he was gone. Up, dressed, and out the door.  

My husband took care of a friend who is in a deep, dank well. He didn't question. He didn't judge. He just went.

Because he loves me. And he knows I love my friend.

This? I didn't know.

I didn't know that he loved me so much that he would help somebody else who was crying out.

And so . . .

I love you for your heart, which your rarely show to others.

For your quiet courage.

For you loud laugh.

For your love of Jesus and ability to get us to church every.single.Sunday.

For your sarcasm and dry sense of humor.

For your tenderness, which you try to hide. But I know, oh how I know.

For your love of our children.

For your eyes. They're pretty.

For your hard work and handy man abilities. Nothing is sexier than saying, "I could really use a shelf right here." And a shelf appearing right there 24 hours later.

For your intelligence. You hold real facts in your head. (I hold random trivia.)

For your willingness to act now and ask questions later.

For always doing the right thing, even when it may not be what you want to do.

For always putting family first.

[caption id="attachment_1112" align="alignleft" width="292" caption="The best things that ever happened to each other."][/caption]

For making me laugh, even when I'm really, really angry and don't want to laugh.

For making me love you.

For letting me make you love me.