Monday, August 1, 2011

I Have Great Moves. And Wave Like Prince William.

And I'll take it. I'll so take it.

Because Josh Groban said those words to me. Yes.he.did.

::headexplosion:: A thousand million large ::headexplolsions::

You know I went to the Josh Groban concert on Friday night. If you don't? You've been living under a rock. And? I went to the Josh Groban concert on Friday night. I've been saying since we bought our ticket that they were so incredible, I could wave and he'd wave back. And I did. And then he did. ::no words::

I'm dying all over again.

Wells Fargo Arena on Friday night. It was amazing. Obviously. The man talked to us. So, yeah, pretty amazing, duh. We knew he'd answer three texts from the crowd, so we prepared our questions on the way.

When we got there? I panicked and couldn't get mine worded right. So I sent in Mal's. (Which I totally owned up to immediately.)She sent it as well, but it didn't go through. The time came for the Q and A portion of the show. He answered two texts, it was cute. Funny. We laughed. Then this happened. My thoughts are in red.

He says, "The next question is from Kim *how funny, her name is Kim. We'll totally laugh about this later, like, he was totally talking to me!* in section 114 *huh, that's our section. Too fun!* row one" *wait, that's us.* seat 3 *omgomgomgomgJosh Groban is right there looking at US at US at me he's looking at me! He sees me. He picked me he chose me he loves me OMG OMG OMG. I should stop jumping up and down now. I should stop screaming. I should totally stop screaming. I should stop. Really. I.should.just.stop.

I instantly became a 16 year old fan girl at a Justin Bieber concert. And I loved every minute of it. (But I do not want to see any video of my reaction. No, just no.)

His reaction, to my reaction? Uhm . . . yeah. He was a bit, surprized? See, we were really close. He'd already seen us. And then I literaly jumped around and waved my arms like I was the next contestant on the Price Is Right. I'm sure he saw me and thought, "Awe.some. This is my target audience?  The 38 year old moms who use my music as a soundtrack for make out sessions with their husbands. Yaaaayyy. . "

The five of us screamed so loud, all at once, that our voices carried across the arena. And he thought it was just me, my voice, that loud. Excellent. I mean, I went insane. Totally and completely lost it. But even I couldn't do that without a little help. And I had help, yes I did.  

The coolest thing is, this happened to us, the five of us. We planned this concert for almost 4 years. He chose our question, talked to me, I answered him, and he did it. A Josh Groban concert isn't exactly the event for the wave. It was epic.

Here's the video, from YouTube. It's not our video, because this is a better angle and shorter. And you can hear him better in this video. Because you know, I'm not screaming like I just saw Elvis and he gave me his sweat soaked scarf *gags*

But after my text with Josh Groban? I was totally fine with him ending the show with You Raise Me Up. Totally.