Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Old Switcher-ooo

So, I'm making some changes behind the scenes with my blog. And this is what I've learned:

I am not tech savy.

Diana at Hormonal Imbalances  is very tech savy.

I think that techie people (not Diana) are laughing at me. Loudly.

Http/FTP code makes my tiny little brain explode  into a million gazillion pieces (and yes, that is accurate).

I am not tech savy. It's actually quite amusing at how not tech savy I am. To me.

This is how some of that behind the scenes action went, on Wednesday night, between myself, Diana and a techie agent:

Diana: I'm going to change the ftp code.

Me: Huh? Ok. Do I need to ask a question?

Diana: No.

Me: OK. Do I hear Bella? Hi Bella!

Diana: I'm inputing a new pass key, changing the username.

Me: Okaaaay.

Diana: You need to chat the tech guy. Ask him, "mumbo jumbo? Code code html ftp code"

Me: *typing* what was that word?? You.are.a.farking.genius.

tech guy: Can I help you?

Me: *typing* can you? Here's what I need to know: mumbo jumbo. Alakazam. Open sesame.

tech guy: why don't I just go in and do that for you?

Me: Here is all my information and my social security number and possibly my first born child. Just make it stop. Or make it work. Whichever.

At the two hour mark Diana had worked some magic. I now have some magic to work. And I'm so not the magical type. So that's why the comments aren't working. I have some stuff to do behind the scenes that I'm clueless about and I seem to have royally messed up. Hopefully it will all be resolved in a day. Or five. Or when I grow a tech brain.