Thursday, February 23, 2012


So, we know that Violet is 8 1/2. A year, it turns out, full of change. She needs cami's now. She wears deoderant. She wears a robe in front of her brother. She can roll her eyes *almost* better than me. She's mastered the art of the huff and sigh. (which is impressive, given her age. But her teenage years are looking bleak for me.)

The other day we're at the island and I say to her, "Give me those nuts, please."

And she totally and completely LOSES it. Like, falls down on the floor, laughing hysterically. And because I'm not an 8 year old girl (or a 12 year old boy) I stare blankly at her. She continues like this for a good minute before she hears me saying, "What?"

She turns red and whispers, "You said 'nuts.'"


I turn red and take a deep breath.

And explain the real word vs the slang word.

People. I'm all for using the appropriate term for things. My children have heard the word vagina (or 'gina as they said) and penis since they could hear. But I've never had to explain a slang vs a technical term before.

She was happy knowing the real term, then moved on. And told me more slang words they have.


I'm not ready for this.