Monday, July 9, 2012

Competitive Much?

I am not that competitive. Honest. And when it comes to my kids and sports I work at being even less competitive because I first want my kids to have fun, then be good at a sport/activity.

Or so I thought.

Tuesday night the girls had a swim meet and they <em>love</em> swim meets. Sarah looks like she's wrestling alligators in freestyle and violet is so busy smiling as she does backstroke that she barely placed in the first two meets. But we all have fun and that's all I care about.


Then Violet got bumped from a race by another swimmer on our team. Which is completely fair- the other girl swam faster in time trials.

Then Violet touched the wall before the other girl. Only the timers didn't call it that way.

Oh, I'm competitive.

I was all whisper angry to my friend. All, "what? Violet's score doesn't count? She touched first! It counts! Second place! She took second!"

Cue total junior high behavior.

Then the other girls mom came to me, all loudly mad and rolling her eyes. And said, "I don't know why they called my daughter in before yours. Violet had that race."


Then I was beet red and horrified at my behavior. Thankfully only my friend Tonya heard my juvenile rant.

Competition stinks. Or perhaps I totally stink at competition.