Wednesday, January 15, 2014

In Which I Rock The Day

YES. Today was 'that' day: The magical, romanticized home school day you envision when thinking about beginning this journey. The day that is fuzzy around the edges with all the happy, glowing activities. It's shiny with knowledge and laughter. You get all the things done you need to and then some. It's the day that was unattainable in September . . . and the day that you need to understand will not happen again for a very long time.

Today was wonderful. Wonderful. I drank my coffee while it was hot - all of it! We completed all of our work with minimal issues and even talked about what projects we wanted to do as we end our study of Russia. We mapped some points on Russia, which John loves. Violet finished her math book, John did a lesson and a half in spelling and a full week in Language Arts. Sarah also completed a full week in her Language Arts and started reading a new book. Everyone journaled, did their grammar and handwriting.

We were done at 11:30. 

DONE people.

*cue massive happy dance*

Then I cooked - Yesterday I decided to do freezer meals, so I bought everything last night and assembled it all today.


John cut up vegetables, Sarah gathered ingredients, Violet carried packages to the freezer and helped keep the kitchen clean. She also read, they practiced piano and played outside. A friend dropped her two girls off while she ran to school and my girls took care of hers. I remembered to switch the laundry. I ate lunch. All the while I listened to the radio and cooked.

Angels sang. I could hear them.

A dear friend I haven't talked to in far too long called with the exciting news that they will begin home schooling in April. It's such incredible news to hear this from someone you respect and love - it's affirming when you didn't even know you needed it.

John and my husband went to Boy Scouts, the girls fed themselves and the kitchen is almost clean.

Idol is on later, I have a great book to read and some fantastic gluten free crackers to munch on.

Today was an amazing, wonderful, bliss filled day. I know that God has gifted me this day to remind me of all the reasons we decided to do this: joy, time simply being with our kids, the kids learning to play together, relaxed days and natural learning in addition to formal education. Every reason we considered was reinforced today. From Sarah being able to jump ahead in reading to being available to help a friend with her kids. I'll have this day to remember the next time we are struggling and I'm ready to call it a day and wondering if it's too early for wine - at ten o'clock.

That day will probably be Friday. (Because we're gone all day on Thursday.)

But for right now, I owned this day.