Saturday, June 28, 2014

The Dog On My Homework....

I had my binder review scheduled, as I mentioned last post, but then I rescheduled it because the year end stuff -- dance recital, the begin of swim practice, actually organizing the binders -- all coalesced into one week and I needed to take my time. So, I rescheduled. No big deal.

On Monday night I spread the binder materials on the floor and began assembling them. I flirted with the idea of putting all  Sarah's work in page protectors, but I needed to save them for specific things, so I whole punched and organized them.
Violet: Done
Sarah: 1/2 done.
John: untouched
I needed to get to bed. With all of Tuesday and Wednesday left, I wasn't worried at all.

We woke up Tuesday morning and John asked me what the brown stuff was on the school room carpet. I absently replied that I must have spilled my soda the day before and I'd go clean it up. Except I hadn't had any soda ....

You guys. YOU GUYS.

Our dog, Buck, had peed and pooed all.over.all.over.all.over Sarah's entire binder. Directly on the work I hadn't page protected. All her essays -- from her first awkward attempt at dialogue in September  to her full on script in May. Her journal entries. Her letters to Santa, her aunt, her siblings.The entire year of attendance, so carefully recorded and color coded, days added up repeatedly and my work shown.  All covered with dog pee.

And right in the middle of the science papers? You know, the papers filled with  all the pictures of our major FAILS in science this year? A GREAT BIG STEAMING PILE OF DOG CRAP.

Appropriate, yes?

I cried. I yelled. I swore like a sailor. I picked up all that nastiness, spread the papers out on my counters and went to swim practice. Then called my binder reviewer and cried. She talked me off the ledge, some. I bought Febreeze pet order remover, came home and sprayed all those dog pee smelling pages with it, and continued to clean up the lake of pee. And the stench.

The pages dried, I salvaged what I could and then put those in page protectors, which I sealed with tape. I washed my hands obsessively, because EEEWWWWW. I had to throw out the actual binder and quickly liberate a new one from science curriculum. Then a friend helped me slip them into the binder, along with John's, on Wednesday afternoon.

I finished in time and made it to my review, still so very worried that without Sarah's attendance log my umbrella school would be like, "Well, too bad you can't prove you actually had school days for her. No home school for you!) (said in Soup Nazi voice, obviously.) But she assured me that I had records for Violet and John, as well as dated work for Sarah.

You're name rhymes with a certain other word. For a reason.