Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Pretty All True . . .Featured Blogger!

I can hardly believe it!! Kris, over at Pretty All True, who I mentioned yesterday, has chosen me as one of her featured bloggers!! When I 'found' Pretty All True, I was captivated. I love how Kris writes, so much so that I immediately Followed her. And wanted to meet her family. Not in a stalkerish-scary-freaky way, you understand. But in a Maj and Kellan (her daughters) and Mark (her husband) are  beyond entertaining, humorous and totally lovable way, that make you want to instantly be friends with them. Like, I want to have them over for dinner and a great big slumber party where we watch movies and stay up all night giggling. Anyway. She has this hilarious feature, called "Make Me Come!" You send her a link to one your posts that you think is compelling, and if she likes it, she will comment on it. She has a sizable blog, so I thought, "Hey, I'll send in a post and see what happens. I totally thinks she rocks and would love her to read some of my writing." Well, I "Made Her Come" and she commented on my post, "Where I Lose Myself." I was so thrilled. And I thought that was the end of it. Turns out I didn't read the 'fine print' in my excitement to link up to her 'Make Me Come' feature. If she liked what she read, I would become a Featured Blogger!

So today, there I am! So go there now! Not to see me, silly! You've probably read my post before. But go check Kris out. She kicks some serious butt and totally rocks it like a rock star. I think she may be a rock star.