Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The World According To Sarah

Of my three kids, Sarah has the most vivid imagination and the quickest come backs. She is by far the wittiest and the one that cracks us up the most. She listens and remembers everything. Far beyond what the other two notice and remember. I've been looking in her journal lately, reading about all that she has to say. Here are some of her finer moments:

see those lines? That's the 'flute'

* When she was 'little' and not feeling well, she would say, "I have the flute around my eyes." This somehow was from Charlie Brown and his eyes. .

* Thumb -toes. These are your big toes.

* Girls have 'ginas and boys have horns.
* Yogurt map -- what you do yoga on. A Yoga Mat. 

Watch out! He wants your music!

* Germ And Chocolate Cake. AKA German Chocolate cake. No wonder she won't ever eat it.

*  "See that man? That's Barak Obama. He steals all our money."

*" I've lost my CD! That man Barak Obama must have it."

*  (said while in a public restroom with her uncle. Her uncle that does not have children, but was traveling with her. Alone.) Uncle B! My daddy has a 'gina just like you!"
* But my favorite, by far, happened just this past summer. On our way to the beach we saw satellite dishes. When I pointed them out to everyone Sarah informed me that they were . . . well, watch for yourself.


What did your child say that you loved?

And YES, this idea was definitely inspired by Kate and Lydia!