Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Guest Blogger: Rose

I found Rose over at Not There Yet a few months ago, and have so enjoyed following her story. When I first started reading her blog she was not 'There yet.' But today she is! It was so exciting to read along as she suspected she was preggers, then tested, then tested again . . . it's brought back so many wonderful memories. She's expecting and due in May! It's been really cool to see pregnancy through someone elses eyes for the first time. I hope you enjoy her post, here. I know I did!

When Kim asked me to be a write a guest post for her blog - I was beyond flattered. Not only is this my first guest post, I but I have never considered myself a writer - not compared to some of these amazing story teller bloggin' mommies out there. But, I thought I would give it a go and I am very grateful to Kim for the opportunity!

How can there be so many ways to do the same thing?

Each pregnancy and birth is different. That is the on going mantra that is repeated over and over again on a baby board I keep up with,    
We are all different. Our bodies are shaped different. Our morning sickness symptoms will be different. Our weight gain will be different. Our doctors will be different. Our DH/SO will respond differently. But, let me tell you, there are over 6,000 members to this group. This ONE group that I belong to. This group that only includes woman who are expecting a baby in May 2011. The women FLOCK there for support. To find someone that has a shared experience with them. To calm their fears, their worries, their concerns. The issues range from gender prediction to help dealing with an over-bearing MIL. These woman are reaching out to find someone - ANYONE - who can relate to their situation. In a group of 6,000 woman, they are hoping to find ONE that can relate. ONE.

Again, I ask, how can there be so many ways to do the same thing? Isn't there just one right way and we move forward from there?

As my new friend at the cloth diaper store said when I expressed essentially the same question when asking about the millions of different cloth diaper brands, "You know how you and your best friend probably wear different types of jeans - it's the same thing!"

For instance, I have a friend that had her first daughter this past January. She has been very supportive of DH and I expanding our family - our biggest cheerleader, actually. She and I grew up together in a small town and have always had a lot in common with each other. In fact, she is one of the few people from my childhood that I keep in touch with. I stood in her wedding. A year later, she traveled quite a distance to attend mine. I am pregnant about one year after her. We both love to eat out, have long talks on the phone to catch up and, of course, red wine! I knew that she was exclusively breast-feeding her baby, which is also my intention. I was looking forward to learning a lot from her about this baby rearing stuff!

After we made it to 12 weeks, I got in touch with her, sharing the happy news, of course, but also asking her about her top baby items that she can not do without (I have already begun working on my registry!). She responded quickly and had obviously spent some time on the email - including links directly to the items that she was suggesting. Here is an excerpt from that email:

I breastfed/pumped for 6 1/2 months and then couldn't fathom doing it anymore. It's incredible, wonderful, all the things that you want it to be (at least it was for me). My life just got too hectic to make sure I was home pumping. Plus I made tons of milk so my boobs were always full. NOT complaining, but it was a bit of a free feeling when I decided to stop. Miss the bonding though! I used Medela Freestyle. Loved it because it's hands-free and thought that was fantastic. I would stick it in my pocket and move on with my day...laundry, email, cleaning, etc. It has all of these contraptions to attach to your nursing bra. I wouldn't even deal with that. You need this bra and you'll be all set.

I am very grateful for this suggestion and I AM SURE, for a lot of mothers, this bra is a god-send. But, not 24 hours before I received this email, DH and I were ruthlessly making fun of this device. It is just not for us... Other suggestions were for a vibrating bouncer seat, a nightlight thing to hang over the crib, a diaper genie and a snap and go. Of all the items that she suggested, the items that she CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT, I am interested in one of them. ONE.

I find that to be highly interesting. How many variations of caring for your newborn can there be? Essentially it is the same act and we all want the same outcome - a healthy, happy baby. Simple right?

I guess it is all depends on how you choose to get there...

Happy decision making mommies!



What baby gadget did you desperately think you need then never use? Or never thought you'd need then want with all your heart?