Saturday, November 20, 2010

Where's Your Magic Spot?

"Ladies, do you know where your 'magic spot' is?"

"Girls! Find your 'magic spot'!"

"OK, now let me see that 'magic spot'!"

"Good! Now, get into your cage and make sure you find your 'magic spot'!"

This is what I was doing on Thursday evening. What were you doing?

I was in a room full of people, listening to a woman yell out these instructions. It was highly entertaining, educational and thought provoking. Some people took pictures. I took notes. There was applause and laughter. Some people were uncomfortable, it's true. I've done this type of thing before, many times in fact, so I was not uncomfortable. But the lady sitting next me, Mary? Could not hold it together. She almost got us kicked out. It was dreadfully embarrassing, to be honest. I mean, we're adults. Finding our 'magic spots' should not be something unheard of.

Especially, since it was explained to us, a sticker is put directly on the 'magic spot' at the beginning of each session so as to make identifying it easier.

Had we perhaps seen the sticker?

When our daughters brought home their ballet shoes?

Because there, on the inside of the heels, would have been a sticker. Identifying the 'magic spot.'

It was observation night at Violet's dance class, and very educational. She danced beautifully and was so excited that I smiled the entire time she danced. Good thing she can't read lips or minds.

And Mary? Uhmm, I might have been contributing to her inability to hold it together. With things like, "Oh, just be happy. Go find your 'magic spot.'" And, "You're mad at your ex? Why? Couldn't he find your 'magic spot'?"

Were you worried?? eh, go find your 'magic spot.'


P.S Bonnie, A.M and everyone else, I love you. I adore you all. I have not stopped laughing!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!