Friday, November 19, 2010

Freakin' Friday Flip Off

I'm linking up with Momma Kiss again and joining her in Friday Flip Off.  Don't forget to stop by and visit her. She's beyond awesome.

Thankfully this week hasn't been too crazy, but there are always a few things that need my attention on these Friday's, and I've neglected them as of late.

First, a large, knobby middle finger to memory loss. I'm still discovering time I've lost due to depression. And to say it sucks is putting it mildly. So memory loss? Flip the flippity flip off.

Second, a very divided bird to wanting to be in two places at once. On Saturday I wanted to be at my daughters 5th birthday party, and I was. It was a blast. I also wanted to be at a concert in Connecticut with two of my friends, in the eighth row.  My favorite artist (*cough* Josh Groban *cough*) was performing in an intimate setting. Where he sang Neil Diamonds Play Me. Which is my fantasy.

picking on Miley, I know. But, c'mon!

Third, two very large and well clothed tall ones go to the unclothed youth of today. Really? Listen, I was hot back in my day. Haaawwt, children. And built. I know, because I look back at the pictures and go, "Daaammnnn. Look at that!" I was also hot while fully dressed. Yes! It's true! There is no shame in being beautiful and knowing it. There is shame in leaving nothing to the imagination. Nothing. If you need to shave and trim your bikini line for an outfit that is not your bikini? The outfit is not appropriate. I would go so far as to say it is trashy. Also? Bra straps, bra cups, bra lace and the like are not fashion statements. They are whore accessories. Honest. Go walk the streets and check it out. Two more tall ones go to the 'screw me' face that seems to be rage with the young crowd. You know the look. The wide eyes. The puckered mouth. The finger to the lips. What. Is. That. ? So, being inappropriately sexy, whorish and in general dressed like a hooker? FLIP IT. (I have two daughters. And a son. Knock the crap off. You'all look like future teenage mothers.)

That is all! :) Ahhh. I feel better already!! Now it's your turn!! Hop on and see how freeing it is!