Friday, December 3, 2010

12/1 Friday Flip Real Quick!

Thanks to Momma Kiss for once again hosting our Friday Flip Off! I have to be superduper quick this week. This is why.

Two very, very large stanky middle ones go to Comcast, my internet provider. I cannot get a signal. Cannot. That is why my posts and commenting have been all choppy this week. And I miss it! I log on, get all happy, then get kicked off. Log on, get kicked off. And, Hello?? Christmas shopping!! They replaced my modem, said, all fixed! They.lied. So, you, Comcast, get the bird, for getting my hopes up and then crushing them. How am I supposed to survive without the internet?

Another large middle finger goes to stomach viruses that hang around forever. Just hang around, waving their hands, making friends. They settle in, get all comfy and ruin the week. Leave.

Also? A bajillion middle ones to cancer. Momma Kiss's friend A is going through it and just shaved her beautiful hair off. Reading about it was gut wrenching. And I'm complaining about internet service. So the big C gets the big F.