Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Live Long and Prosper

Remember this post where I showed you my crafty Christmas chain made of post in notes? Well, it turns out that my craftiness was not appreciated by all members of my household. Take a closer look at this picture.

I don't know what those post it notes say. Maybe some of you are Trekkies. Maybe you recognize the saying. My husband certainly recognized it. And the post it notes it's on. That were from his desk.


I was cooking dinner and needed a distraction. I thought of Momma Kiss and her awesome Christmas chain. I went all Martha Stewart and threw some post it's at my kids that I dug out of my husbands desk. I thought the ones with the words on it were from some random PR company.


So the kids happily made a Christmas chain while I cooked dinner. It was a fantastic dinner.

Every now and again my husband reads my blog. He reads because he thinks what I write is, and I quote, "amazing." How much do I love this man? He also reads because I told him about Dooce and how her husband doesn't have work. So he counts my followers and asks how much closer he is to not working. It is a distant, distant future. Sorry, babe.

On this day, he came home from work, gave me a hug and said what I'd written the day before had made him cry and I needed to warn him about those. Then he cocked his head to one side and got a funny look on his face.

"So, those post it notes. From my desk."

"I know, right? Crafty! And look, a great dinner!"

"They're Star Trek post it's. From my sister, Elaine. They were a Christmas gift. I only use them on special occasions."

Wait. . .what? Special occasion post it notes? But I apologized, profusely.

The next morning I logged onto Facebook and asked Elaine where she had found the Star Trek post its. Her reply:

"I don't know. I got them like 20 years ago."


20 years. Really? And he still has them? That's at least 3 moves. Law school. Internship. 2 jobs. How do you have post it notes for 20 freaking years? She says because they are really special and I had better feel badly.

I say, you cannot have special post its. Or if you do, use them. It's like having special china you only take out for the special company, only nobody is every special enough. I'm pretty sure that Michelle Obama can't make it for dinner tonight, so take out the special china.

However, I've been on a mad search for Trekkie post its.

Epic Fail.

Well, at least we'll have the Christmas chain to take out and look at each year, reminding us of this special occasion, right?