Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sunday Confessions on a Thursday

I have a confession.
I am old.
I am a prude.
I am shocked easily.
I am shocked by how rude people are.

Violet has rehearsal all week for her holiday show. It is going to be amazing. Amazing. So I'm spending the week in the theater. This evening as we were leaving I was standing in the hallway, waiting for Violet to get her bag from the dressing room. There are parents and students of all ages milling about. A father has just peeked his head into the hallway and asked B. to please tell his daughter that he is here. From backstage walks a naked 15 year old girl. No, really. She has on opaque dance tights, some sort of dance bra and her high heeled dance shoes. No, she is not wearing a body suit that is flesh colored. Some of the dancers wear them, but she does not have one on. B looks at her. I look at her. B yells down the hall to her. "Don't go walking around here naked. Put some clothes on."

The girl looks over her shoulder at B and continues her naked saunter down the hallway, as if to say,
"Are you talking to me? Oh, no, you must be talking to the other naked girl walking down the hallway."

B and I stare at each other. B says, "How about if tomorrow I walk around like that?" I totally agreed and suggested that I join her, but that we adorn our hooha's in Christmas colors. Perhaps bows?

Then I leaned in real close and said, "If you ever catch Violet or Sarah doing that? Kick.Their.Butt."

Friends. What.The. blankity blank blank blank???  Yes, I may be old. I may be a prude. All of that. But how about some common decency? There were men backstage. And no, they were not gay. And if they were, I don't care. Put some clothes on! Cover yourself. I saw your hooha! I have my own. I do not want to see yours.

Also, I do not want my daughters seeing this and remotely thinking it is OK. Violet was in the dressing room so she didn't see this girl, but I can tell we're going to have to talk about being modest when backstage. It's one thing to be in the dressing room with the other girls and to be naked/changing. It's a completely different thing to be walking down a hallway in all states of undress. And this wasn't durning a quick change or anything. Show is over, we are getting back into street clothes. What would this girls mother have thought? Her father? I doubt they would have approved, nor would they have approved of the reaction, or lack thereof, the girl gave B.

I pray with all my heart that my husband and I have raised Violet and Sarah to be girls of better standing, girls with more modestly, more self worth, more respect of themselves, their minds and their bodies. It is my goal to do this. It is my greates fear that I won't.

And Violet, Sarah, if you are reading this, someday down the road? I.Will.Kick.Your.Butt. All kinds of kicking will happen. It will be ugly. Don't tempt fate.

John, if you are reading this someday down the road? While the girl who walks around like this might be pretty to look at? Maybe to even crack jokes about? Please, please do not.My guess is that she need this attention in a very bad way for some very sad reasons. Find a different way, when she is clothed, to pay her a compliment.
Maybe this was a Thursday rant?