Tuesday, January 25, 2011

It's A Submarine!

My sister in law, Elaine, has three kids, just like me. Two girls and a boy. So she is well versed in the drama, the clothes, the music, the fighting, the legos, the building, the electronic games of today. This Christmas she gave John Trios and he loved them. She totally scored.

The set came with a booklet that showed you how to make all sorts of cool things -- a boat, a plane, a bug. John was obsessed. He'd flip to a page, thrust it into her hands and demand, "Aunt 'laine! Make this! 'Pese!" And she would. He'd play with it for a few minutes, then flip to a new and more exciting arrangement, thrust that page at her and the dance would be repeated. And she played along.

But as the game played on, the arrangements become more difficult. She really had to concentrate and count the pieces. And John was impatient. Elaine spent about 10 minutes making a beautiful boat for him. It was perfect. She'd broken at least one nail while putting it together. He'd helped out by jumping up and down and pulling on her arm the entire time. She placed the boat gently in his hands. He grinned at her. Raised the boat high in the air. Crashed it onto the floor with a resounding thud. I jumped up and yelled, "John! Aunt Elaine worked so hard on that!" He looked at me with wide, innocent eyes and said, "It's a submarine. Big wave come. CRASH!"

Gah. At least Elaine is used to boys. I was horrified. She laughed. After I was finished being embarassed, I laughed. It is a boy thing, right? Not a horrible behavior thing?