Monday, January 24, 2011


Random Things I need to write down:

* I bought Violet a thesaurus and she's having a hard time saying the word. The other day we were all in the van and she was talking about it -- the thesaurus. And not pronouncing it correctly. I was saying it slowly to help her. "" From behind me I hear Sarah sigh dramatically, see her roll her eyes and say, "Violet really needs to practice saying that word. She can't say it all." I quickly said, "Sarah, it's a hard word to say. It's even hard for me." More eye rolling. So I said, "Can you even say it?" Another sigh, then, very fast and very clear, "Thesaurus. Kay?"

* In an effort to get the kids to help out on a more regular basis and not fight over who does what,  I bought a responsibility chart. I set it all up on Saturday. . This morning there was a massive, knock down fight because there were not enough jobs for them to do. John was trying to clear the table, Sarah was trying to find more laundry. My chore chart has created more fighting. Awe.some. (I'm buying two more. They each are getting there own. I can't take it.)

* My husband has been out of town so I've been doing the single mom thing. And oh, sweet lord. I don't sleep when he's not home because I'm afraid I won't hear the kids. The kids won't sleep in their room because they know my big bed is half empty. So just as I relax one of them appears next to me. Every time. Then freaks out because the cat is sleeping on the bed. Every time.

* Stink bugs. Really?

* My husband has been out of town. Did I mention this??  By Wednesday night I was twitchy, irritable, and trying to figure out how to bathe three kids in a 15 minute time span. Because I thought that's about how much time I had left before I just turned the t.v on, threw some cereal at them and let Darwinism take over.

* John has a habit of starting every.single.sentence with 'mommy.' Every sentence. Wednesday night I decided to count how many times he said 'mommy' in an hour. Just for fun. For giggles. At the 10 minute mark I stopped. I'd counted 20. And I'd missed some. 20!! No wonder I was twitchy.

* A very dear friend of mine just miscarried. When she came over, Sarah climbed on her lap, placed her hands on her cheeks and said, "Your baby is with God. And God is with us always. So your baby is with us."  Oh, to have that faith again. To be so comforted. To be so simple in our love for Him.