Sunday, January 2, 2011

Stomach Bugs Not Mental Bugs

I've had some sort of annoying stomach thing happening since Tuesday. Happy I'm sharing? I have a reason, I promise. It's this: I have a stomach problem right now. Not a mental problem. Really.

I know I'm an unreliable source. I was 'sick' for 2 1/2 years, so getting an on again - off again stomach thing the week after Christmas is . . . suspect. I get that. Here's how I know it's not mental.

I want to up and around. I want to get the Christmas decorations down and the house back to normal. I've managed to knock out the upstairs and it looks great. Now I'm staring at the laundry and the Christmas tree and I'm beyond annoyed. So I start doing things, then get all achy and nauseous and have to lie down. I start to feel better and think, "Yes! Time to vacuum! I'll eat something first." Because I've had no food for three days. Then I eat some toast and uhm, yeah. That was a mistake.

I've done stuff this week in between the worst of feeling nasty. I mucked out all the bedrooms. Organized the new and old toys in the kids bedrooms. Got our bedroom put back together and the closet cleaned out.

I'm doing stuff. See? Not laying in bed, wallowing, saying, "I'm soooo sick."

But defending it? Annoying. Even if I intellectually understand why my loved ones are concerned, emotionally, I just want to scream, "I feel like puking! And I'm pushing through it when I can. And when I can't I'm doing what I can. Thank you for your concern. I love you. Now move on."

That's gratitude for you, right? Because the people I want to scream this at are the very ones who had to take care of me and my children, my home and all that entails for 2 1/2 years while I behaved very much like I have these past four days.

Again, the difference: I am aware. Please, please understand that I am feeling puny, nauseous, crampy and majorly gross.