Monday, January 3, 2011

You Know . . .That Song?

You know how a song can remind you of a certain person or time in your life? Today I was driving along when a song came on the radio, and BAM, I was 17 again. In love for the first time. The song started, I knew all the words, still. Remember 'mix tapes'? *cringes* yeah, I put it on one. I had to change the station because it was actually so bittersweet. Friends, that was 21 years ago! 21. Gah. But the song yanked me back in time so fast . . . it was nuts. And obviously, I don't still have feelings for that boy, but I remembered those feelings. That first rush. That first feeling of, "Oh, he likes me." The hopefulness for a first kiss. The song? Richard Marx, "I'll Be Right Here Waiting For You." Talk about cheese city! Oh, man, did I feel so old and so young all at once. It got me thinking about other songs that take me places, so I wrote them down for your viewing pleasure.

Neil Diamond's "Forever In Blue Jean's" but really it's "Reverend Blue Jean's." I'll always think of my friend Judy when I hear this song. We've known each other since the age of four, and one of us thought "Reverend Blue Jean's" was the actual name of the song. It's been so long now that I  don't know which one of us. But any Neil Diamond song reminds me of that song, which reminds me of her.

Harry Connick Jr's "We Are In Love" reminds me of two people, both from high school. My friend Tracy and an old boyfriend. We all went to see Harry Connick Jr in concert our Senior year, and it was such fun! Unfortunately, somehow even after 20 years when I hear that song I am reminded of the bad memories. Why is that? (and no. NOT the same boy.)

MC Hammer, "Can't Touch This" Prom. And my friend, Heather. Heather and I had a blast dancing to this song that night and all that summer. When I see 'Hammer Pants' I still think of her!

"Mary Moon" and "Oh What A Night" and some song by a guy who's name is "Toe" all remind me of my days at Central Michigan. The dancing, the bars. Dear lord, the dancing and bars. And especially dancing one night, to a live band with this guy, 'Toe' in it, with my friend, Kim. We thought, no we knew, we were all that. We were at the front of the stage, totally rocking out. She knew the guy, 'Toe' so we were beyond cool. I had to use the bathroom, so I left her for a minute. As I walked across the dance floor I glanced back to see her totally rocking out all by herself. As in alone. On the dance floor. With nobody else. The dance floor was empty except for her. I laughed at her and thought, "Ha! She's totally rocking out all by herself! What a goof!" Then I realized that the floor was empty. Which meant that she and I were the only ones on it. There wasn't one goof there, but two. However, we had the best time. We were all that, thankyouverymuch.

"I'll Be There For You" the theme song from 'Friends." Will forever and ever remind me of my friend, Scott from CMU. We had matching shirts that said, "Just Friends" on them and he was probably the best part of college for me. I secretly still dance to that song, just like Monica in the music video. And I look awesome doing it.

Mark Cohn's "True Companion" is the song my husband and I danced our first dance to. So it gets me every time, but it's never on the radio. I have to hunt down the CD and put it on, which I don't do often enough.

Taylor Swift's "You Belong With Me" reminds me of rocking out with the kids in the van. Soccer mom much? All three of them love that song and they can all sing along with it. Even John. It's a riot.

And just today, Violet and Sarah asked for the 'Punkin' Chunkin'' song. I was confused at first. Then Violet started singing it. Well, her version of it anyway. And I quickly realized what it was.

And NO, they have not seen the video.

What songs take you back in time?