Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Right Stuff

You got it. The right stuff.

Oh, yes. You heard me. New Kids On The Block are back. They will be in Atlantic City this summer. With the Backstreet Boys.

*pauses for squeals to subside*

Now, I was never a Backstreet fan, but NKOTB? Oh, sweet baby. (Heidi? Are you reading?) I went to their concert in the summer of 1990, bought the hideously massive concert book, bought their Christmas tape. Knew all their names.


And now, here they come. I watched a special on their reunion. (hush. No laughing. You have hidden boy bands in your closets, too.) And, uhm. Eww. Just . . . yeah.

I'm sad to say I will not be attending their reunion concert this summer. I will not be singing 'Step By Step' with Donnie and Mark. 

However, I will be buying a couple of those long forgotten songs from itunes. I'll be jamming to them and remembering that warm summer night at Pine Knob, old friends, innocent days, one of the first Boy Bands, oh, and stealing their dance moves for the pom pon squad. And, reminiscing about how hawt they were back in the day.

What's in your closet?