Thursday, January 20, 2011

When Violet Gets It Wrong

I love all the things kids get wrong. All the invented words they have. We mom's have a plethora of them that we collect  tenderly, gently tucking  away so we can pull them out and smile over them for years to come.

All three kids called pancakes 'pan pakes.' John still does, and at Christmas, when my dad attempted to correct him, I went bat crap crazy. Telling him, 'Hush!! No no no!! He's the last to say it!'

Cecil County Fair Summer 08
?? Violet called chicken fingers 'finger nuggets,' which just sounds so yummy. Sarah calls her big toes her 'thumb toes.' I create reasons to get her to say it. John says his 'v' sounds with such a hard 'b' sound that it absolutely kills me. So, yeah, I also create reasons for him to say 'v' words. We have a child named Violet -- handy, no? So he runs around calling her 'bilet' and asking to watch 'tb' and I just smile. I know those little words, spoken from those little mouths, with those sweet little lips, won't last long.

When Violet was about four, she and my husband were out in the neighborhood riding bikes. They saw a neighbor friend of ours and started chatting. If you've ever met Violet you  know that she is my child. She can talk to anybody. So she was chattering away.  Terri asked her where I was.

And in her sweet voice, with her sweet lips and sweet mouth, she said, "Mommy is at home. She has crabs."

I was home with CRAMPS, friends. CRAMPS.

Sweet. Yeah.