Monday, February 7, 2011

What I Can't Live Without

Remember when I talked about what a romantic my husband is? Well, he read that post but didn't immediately say anything. Then, as I climb into bed the other night, he raises his eyebrows and says, "What, I'm not romantic? I say romantic things to you all the time." After I stopped rolling my eyes, I said, "Babe, you do not say romantic things all the time. But that's OK. I love you for other reasons."

He proceeded to attempt to argue with me. I listened to his arguments, I really did. Then I remembered a certain conversation we had back in August 2007. Right around the 23th, actually. (Yeah, it totally pays to be married to an attorney. I remember details like that *snaps fingers*)

My brother had just proposed to his now wife, Kerry. Wait, remember my proposal? Really, you must quickly read that.

So. It's around August 23, 2007. My Grandfather has just passed away and we are all gathered at my parents home in Michigan for his informal memorial service and my brothers 30th birthday. My brother gathers everyone around and makes the most heartfelt speech about true love. About watching our Grandmother and Grandfather in his last days. About how painful it would be to watch your soul mate die, but far more painful would be not spending your life with your soul mate. And then he walked toward Kerry, took her hand, pulled out the ring and said, "And that's why I'm asking my soul mate to spend her life with me. Will you marry me?"


I bawled. That night, lying in bed, snuggled with my soul mate, I said, "That proposal was amazing. So romantic. Now tell me a reason you love me."

And my husband said, "You're like my left leg."

Dead silence.

I asked him to please, oh please, explain himself.  Because that's romantic? 'You're like my left leg'??

He said, "Yes! Because I couldn't live without you."

Uhm. Yeah. Pretty sure you could.

BUT, I could not stop laughing. I laughed so hard he got angry. He fell asleep and I was still laughing. So, four years later as I'm listening to him present his arguments as to how he says romantic things all.the.time, I flash on this memory. And I start to giggle. Then laugh. He stops talking and just lays there. I squeak out, "You're like my left leg."

He fell asleep and I was still laughing.