Thursday, March 10, 2011


About a month ago I won my first ever blog contest! I was excited in a completely insane manner for two reasons: 1) I won the coolest product ever.  2) I won over at Who is Papa K? and he is just a rocking star of a dad, husband and blogger. (seriously. If you've never been to his place, you have to go over there. Like now. But come back, OK? 'Course, he's so cool, you could totally stay forever)

I won tattoo ID's for kids from TattooID -- which is just pure genius. Last summer we took the kids to Idle Wood and I wrote my phone number on the kids with a sharpie. A sharpie. Violet was not happy with me. (I think she wanted purple and I only had black.)

[caption id="attachment_476" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Tattoo ID Rocks!"][/caption]

This summer I'll have some awesome tattoo's for them to wear.

When I won, Chis, at Papa K, but me in touch with Steven, the founder of TattooID. I visited the website and then?

The founder of the company, Steven, is 18. Yes, 18. As in years old. He started the company through a program with his school, and chose this product because he has a five year old brother who "likes to run away" and he wanted to make him safe. This is right on so many, many levels. Here is an 18 year old kid looking out for his baby brother -- how wonderful! And, again, he's 18. And a guy. When I was 18 I'm pretty sure the guys I hung out with weren't thinking of temporary tattoo's for kids . . . So, I really, really like Steven.

The other night we took John out for his birthday to Oasis, a local indoor playground of sorts. I inked up the kids and off we went. The love, love, love the tattoo's.  Steven has a bunch of different theme's to chose from, then you just input your child's initials and the phone number you want used.  I have 5 tat's for each kid -- which will not last me the summer. So I'm totally buying more. That's how much I love them!  So take a minute and click on over to TattooID and check them out.