Monday, June 27, 2011

Because It's Weird. . .

I'm writing about Violet again because we found out what virus she had. (I'm also typing this on my iPhone so excuse any typos.)

Out pediatrician called on Friday and this is how the the conversation went:

Dr: Violet had parvovirus.

Me: Okaaaay. . .huh. I don't want to sound ignorant (but I so am going to) but I thought that was something dogs got?

Dr: It's dangerous for dogs. And pregnant woman. (Cue panic. My SIL is pregnant & watched Vi after she was fever free.)

We talk about the virus. I understand this:

It's somehow Fith's Disease, which all my kids have had & it was never anything like this before. You catch it like any cold virus. I also understand that when someone asks me what she had, I can now say, "Parvo." & then the person will say, "I thought that was something dogs got?"

So . . .weird.

[caption id="attachment_982" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Sarah buzzing around & Violet coochie coo-ing"][/caption]

She's totally fine now. She tired easily for a few days but is back to lightening speed. Thank you all for comments & concern.