Wednesday, July 6, 2011

An Apple A Day . . .

Does in fact NOT keep the doctor away.


(a rant)

You all remember that Violet was very sick about 2 1/1 weeks ago with parvovirus. It went through John -- although incredibly light, and now Sarah -- still light. Obviously it would have to. We all live under the same roof, they drop their toothbrushes on top of one another's despite my best efforts. They share cups no matter how much I yell. They end up in the same bed, cuddling.

They also eat incredibly healthy. I promise you, they do. I bought a pound of grapes today and it's 3/4's gone. I've had maybe 10 grapes. Violet's been at the rest. Today's lunch was white cheddar cheese (so nobody can be on me about artificial dyes? We've eliminated red dye 40) natural yogurt that we flavored with natural vanilla extract or fruit, unsweetened applesauce, raisins and pretzels. And Violet had a tomato and lettuce sandwich on wheat bread, then finished the tomato, plain.

They take a daily vitamin and vitamin C (when I remember).

So I know they eat healthy, and in fine, healthy quantities.

So get off me.

And I'm getting really, really tired of hearing, "Why do your kids get so sick? They're sick all the time."

Seriously? There are three of them, to begin with.

And between them we do/did the following from mid March to Jun:

Soccer -John and Sarah

Dance- Sarah and Violet


Art class- Violet

Now throw in school, birthday parties and play dates, church, shopping and cousins.

June 4 we added swimming and softball ended, but dance continued. School ended. Now add in the pool, oh lord the pool bathrooms. I love my pool . . . but kids are pigs.

And don't forget the friends. Lots and friends.

And you do know that kids are petrie dishes, right?

In between these activities I sandwiched quiet time, so back off me there, thankyouverymuch. I was very, very aware that they were busy kids and I was about thisclose to becoming "that mom."  That mom I said I'd never be. And for about two weeks I was "that mom" as all the activities overlapped. So we had down time every chance we got.

Did I mention that I cook from scratch?

Well, I do.

So, now explain why my kids are always sick.

I think it's not that they are always sick. It's that they are active kids in multiple activities being exposed to many, many people. And I talk about it. Have you perhaps noticed that I talk? A lot? Hmmm?

I have one friend who says, "You're kids are always sick!" But she follows it up with sympathy, so she gets a pass (hi Mary :)  ) and asks if I need anything.

And I'm angry.

I'm done ranting. Thanks.  :)