Thursday, July 14, 2011

Dear Ann Taylor Loft


I know we just met and all . . . but I love you. Really. No, I mean really. I ventured into your soothing arms on Monday evening upon the advice of a friend and was quickly seduced by your chic style. It was obvious to me that you were a person of quality.

I browsed your linens, your cottons, your denims. So soft and supple.

[caption id="attachment_1066" align="alignright" width="150" caption="These shorts. On a little curve. I look goooood."][/caption]

I made my selections timidly at first, so unfamiliar with this quiet and calm environment to shop in. Then the excitement caught hold and I took two of each shirt and short I found. And every color you had. Your palette is beautiful, by the way.

A beautifully dressed attendant layed my clothing out in the dressing room, all artfully displayed. I giggled in anticipation. I pulled on the first pair of soft, brushed cotton, denim shorts.

And I am yours, Ann Taylor Loft. I will bear your children. Heck, I may give you mine. I will buy you dinner, then I will take you home and romance the pants off of you. And the shirt. And then I will grab them and run, laughing, away, because now they are mine! All mine!

The shorts? A size 8.  The shirts? All smalls. And what gorgeous shirts. And great fits. And did I mention smalls? Now, I *may* be a different size in other stores. *shudders to think of cheating on you!* But we will never know. Because, Dear Ann, you are my one. My only. Yes, I may be wearing your clothes with the sizing tags hanging out. Is that so wrong?

Also? Your clothes actually fit me. They fit me. The rise of the shorts hits above my pubic bone but below my breasts.  Not needing a brazilian or liposuction to wear a pair of shorts? Excellent. Your clothes are well made. They are stylish without being runway gaudy. I just found pictures of Hillary Swank wearing you. And Taylor Swift. I'd say that about covers it.

[caption id="attachment_1065" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="This shirt. Yup. And I look goooood."]This sirt. In a pretty blue. I look good.[/caption]

So, I'll just let you save my credit card info, mmmkay? Because clothing that fits a real woman's body, makes her feel gorgeous, normal and real, makes her walk out of the dressing room with a smile instead of in tears (I'm talking to you, Old Navy, Macy's, Forever 21, Target, and Kohls), reminds her that she is amazing and wonderful and completely deserving of clothing that fits correctly and beautifully, is well made and affordable -- this is what I've been lacking.

You had me at, "Hello, welcome to Ann Taylor Loft. Can I help you find anything?"