Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I Guess I Didn't Really Want To Go

My 20 year high school reunion is in a couple weeks. When I received the invite I just assumed I'd be going. Then, as the days passed, I realized . . . I wasn't sure. Which surprized me, because despite the usual high school angst, I really enjoyed that time. I was busy and had a great group of friends. I've recently reconnected with a few of them via FaceBook and I'd like to see them.

Just them. That's about, oh, three people. The rest? Meh.

And let's be honest, even after 20 years there are still a couple people I actively don't want to see. 

My husband tried hard to get me here for the reunion, until it occured to me that I didn't want to go. That there were three or four people I wanted to see and that was it. Then, I saw this on my FaceBook wall:

Guy who duct taped small guys to lockers and tortured them: Happy Birthday Brotha!

Guy who was duct taped by said guy: Thanks. When is the reunion?

Guy who duct taped small guys to lockers and laughed: August 14. Hope you'll be there! We can party like we did back in the day!

Uhm. . . you two never partied together. You duct taped him to a locker. I know because I helped take him down. And now you're all, "Let's party like we used to!" How is that? Because I was present at some of your parties. And the way you partied would be to make fun of this very person.

So, I was done.

Yes, it's been 20 years. Maybe he's apologized. I know that I had to do some apologizing when FaceBook first reconnected me. But I was disgusted.

I'm sad to be missing out on seeing these couple people. But it turns out one of them, who I had my senior pictures taken with (holy big hair Batman) will be coming into town just as we're leaving. So we're getting together. I've known her since 9th grade. It's been 20 years, 2 husbands, 5 kids and too long since we've seen each other. I can't wait.

On Thursday night I'm getting together with another friend I've known since 8th grade. We were at each other's college graduations and she helped move me to Delaware. We were married on the same day 10 years ago. Now we get to hang out at a nice restaurant with our handsome husbands and be adults (because we are just playing at this adult thing. Still.).

On Friday I'm seeing a friend of mine that I've known since I was four years old. Four. How cool is that? We both have three kids around the same age. So we're going to let them run around together at the park. Maybe share some silly stories with the older ones. "I remember when your mom . . . " gah.

These are the people I really want to see. This is what I'm excited about. It's going to be so fun, so nice. I can't wait!

**I'm also meeting Alexia from Babies & Bacon! We're having our own super mini BlogHer '11 at a local Panera.**

****my spell check will NOT work from my lap top!! So please, please forgive any typo's!!****