Friday, August 19, 2011

Knit Purl Love

Today I'm guest/co-posting with Diana over at Hormonal Imbalances. This post was her idea -- she's smart that way. When she talked about taking up knitting when Sam left for training in Georgia she got a lot of questions about it. Since I was 'teaching' her (kinda)  she suggested we do a post about knitting and I literally squealed. One, because I'd semi-hooked her. Two, because knitting is my crack. And yarn is readily available. It's the gateway drug to felting, spinning  .. . farming your own sheep!  The web is my dealer. I buy weekly. The FedEx man delivers the stuff to my house and I greet him with shaking hands and a twitchy smile.

He fears me.

I need it. I crave it. Without it I am a shaking, shivering mess. What do I do with my hands as we watch TV? Drive in the car? Sit with family? What do I do when somebody has a baby? That baby 

[caption id="attachment_1226" align="alignright" width="155" caption="Baby hats - don't be afraid to have fun!"][/caption]

*deep breath*

About three years ago a dear friend, Erin,  sat me down and said, "I'm teaching you to knit."  She put the needles in my hand, stood behind me and guided my hands through the old as time motions of knit one purl one.

[caption id="attachment_1224" align="alignright" width="150" caption="The knit stitch"][/caption]

As I strung together my first row of stitches, which were juvenile and messy, I was hooked. She spent a good two hours with me, guiding my hands over and over. Teaching me to cast on. Showing me the knit stitch and purl stitch countless times until I had it right. She left me with needles, yarn and a love of knitting.

Three years later I've attempted to pass on what has become my obsession hobby to Diana :) 

Here's the thing about knitting that goes beyond the creation of a new hat, sweater or scarf: you build a memory every time you sit down to work. I see Erin's hands when I 'throw' the yarn, as I make a knit stitch, because she taught me. My mom knits differently, so I don't see her hands in that movement. I see Erin's. But when I begin to knit socks? I'll see my mom's, because that's what she knits. When I start a baby sweater I immediately think of Diana's Bella, because I knit my first baby sweater for her. I remember what I was doing, where I was sitting. How worried I was that I wasn't going to be able to do it. And now as I knit, as I pick up new projets, half completed hats and sweaters, they each have their own memories attached to them. They are each their own little ball of happiness that I unravel and knit into something beautiful.

Some resources to help you get started:

~Stitch 'N bitch: The Knitter's Handbook by Debbie Stoller

     This is the ultimate start up guide to knitting. It reads like a novel and has excellent illustrations of casting on, all the stitches and some patterns. I'd recommend starting with some easier patterns, though. I always tell people to start with a simple baby hat or scarf, then move on.

~The Knitting Answer Book

     I actually knit with this book on my lap when I'm trying a new pattern. It's small and fits nicely. Don't be afraid to take notes in your books!

~One Skein Wonders

    Erin gave me this book as my first pattern book - and I think I've knitted almost all of them. Or many of them twice. Or more.

~ Pattern Works  I love this website for their gadgets to go along with knitting. They have all sorts of things I need to help me knit. Things I didn't even know I needed. More crack!

~Knit Picks Oh, sweet yarn. This is my ultimate yarn supplier. They may know me by name. Possibly.

~On YouTube there is a series of videos by the Knit Witch. I believe she has books and a store of her own.

~Every knitter needs patterns. Many, many patterns. Daily sometimes. has them. For free. You need to set up an account, but that's free, too. You can purchase patterns there as well.

Some personal tips from me, your average obsessed knitter:

~always use natural fibers -- wool, cotton, linen, silk

~use wooden needles. They're not as slippery and you'll have better control.

~don't be afraid of circulars -- use them as straight needles until you're ready to knit in the round.

~don't be afraid to just try. Violet is 8 and she's learning. She can already do the knit stitch. And Sarah is going to be learning soon. She's 5.

~practice. Make long scarves or pot holders until you're confident, if that's what feels right. I have many in my closets and drawers.

~find a GREAT yarn shop. Michael's just doesn't cut it for good supplies and yarn. Really. Plus, you need the knowledge of the owner.

~one final tip: have fun. Enjoy. Knit Purl LOVE