Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Living Without . . .


Or at first, food. Living without lots and lots of food. Really. In May my doctor 'suggested' I go on a gluten free diet. I was all, "Uhm, yeah. I don't think so." Because bread and I are close,  personal friends. But when she 'suggested that I be tested for Celiacs? Well, I thought a little more about being gluten free.

Once I did some research on Celiacs I knew I didn't have it, (and the test did come back negative) but it sounded like I *might* have a gluten intolerance or allergy. However, I was also rolling my eyes at the idea, because really? Isn't this like the 'in' thing right now? All this gluten free food, all these blogs etc. And now my doctor was suggesting it to me? What, my body was being trendy? But as I looked at the list of symptoms and found myself nodding a bit   .  . . then continuously . . . I decided to go for it. Some of the symptoms I was experiencing -and had been for years:


~nauseau/vomiting after eating

~frequent diarrhea after eating

~bloating (insane)


~joint and muscle aches

~depression (hello, anyone?)



To name a few. Now obviously my depression wasn't caused or cured by going gluten free. But I found it interesting that on each website I visited this symptom was listed.

I began eating gluten free in May. On June 6 I 'tested' my theory that I totally didn't need this by eating stuffed shells and awesome soft Italian bread with Violet on her Birthday. Two hours later I was so bloated I couldn't button my pants. (glad I'm sharing? You're welcome.)

The next day I had a raging migraine and managed to barely lay on the sofa all day. That was work. My entire body ached. The bathroom and I were good friends. (again, you're welcome.) And then, about noon it hit me: stupid, stupid gluten.

I cried.

Then I started eating the right way for me.

And OMG. My life has once again, drastically changed. My body doesn't ache on a daily basis any more. The bloating (that was always, always there?) GONE. I mean, some days I looked about 8 weeks preggers. My face was so puffy. The fatigue that was constant, even since getting my life back? Gone. I don't need 12 hours of sleep anymore. I need 5.

And I lost 12 pounds.

*shakes my grove thing*

Is it a pain sometimes? Try almost all the time. But I'm learning and it's becoming less and less of a pain as I figure it out. Most restaurants have some sort of gluten free menu. And I am pretty tolerant -- I can have it in condiments etc. I don't need a designated gluten free fryer/area for the food to be prepared. From what I understand many people with Celiacs need that. So I'm very fortunate.

And cheating isn't worth it. When I cheat on purpose or I find that I've accidently eaten something I shouldn't . . . oh hell. No, thank you.  So I guess my body has decided to be trendy!

And Udi's products? They are becoming my fast favorite go to breads.

Bread. Ahhhh sweet bread.

Now if I can only get them to make a nice foccacia.