Thursday, November 3, 2011


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I know you all are dying to learn some well kept secrets about me. Right? Right. Who wouldn't want to know these incredibly fascinating facts I'm about to reveal?? At the end, leave a comment with something you'd like to know and possibly, just maybe, I might do a vlog. I made a promise to a friend (Hi, Kate!) over at Mommy Monologues and I still haven't done anything about it. So this may be the time. But I'm terrible on camera. So we'll see.


1) I played with the satin lining of coats/blankets to fall asleep until after Violet was born. If you give me a jacket and it has that slippery satin lining? I'll start messing with it and not even know that I am. It drives my husband insane.

2) My husband and I named our children when we'd been dating about one month. We tossed around ideas when we actually got pregnant, but the original names stuck.

3) I had my first kiss at 17. Yes. Sweet 16 and never been kissed.

4) I had my first serious boyfriend when I was senior in high school. (not the first boy I kissed)

5) I think I still hate that first boyfriend.

6) I have my degree in special education, from Central Michigan University

7) I can eat peanut butter by the spoonful.

8 ) I don't like seafood -- at all. Unless it's fried fish and chips with lots of lemon and tartar sauce.

9) I like to cook and bake for other people, but not myself. I'll make clams for my husband, or the kids favorite meal, but I never make my favorite things.

10) I love to knit. I *think* it makes me 'green.' I feel all trusty and practical when I make something. (also, notice I said, "think" b/c I don't actually believe this makes me 'green.' I just like to think it does. I'm not reusing yarn, I'm buying new, etc. But I like to think it makes me all earthy and eco-conscious.)

11) I despise those 'reality' shows. Not Survivor, but 'Storage Wars' and 'Swamp People.' And my husband adores them. I love drama's and 'How I Met Your Mother.' And with few exceptions, my husband despises them. It's a weird balance we have in our home. So last night we watched 'Storage Wars.' And by watched, I mean he watched and I provided witty commentary.

12) I must get into a made bed at night. I'll straighten the covers just to flip them back and climb in. My husband always asks, "What are you doing?" And I say, "Getting into bed. What are you doing?" Duh.

13) I can't do math. I mean, I can. But I can't. I can't balance a check book (the thought. *shivers*) and sometimes I'll get to a math answer, and it's correct, but I've no idea how I got there. OK, a lot of times. This is especially wonderful when Violet needs help with her math homework.

14) I used to make fun of people who were attached to their iPhones. Then I became one. Now I have to apologize all.the.time.

15) I can make friends with anybody. I love people. Doesn't mean they love me. But I can talk to anybody.