Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Pouring My Heart Out


I made a huge mistake last night. One of my children had a play date and when the mother picked the playmate up she was drunk.

I didn't figure it out until they were walking down the sidewalk and getting in the car.

I should have figured it out when she couldn't find my house.

When she had to call me four times for directions - and she'd been here just 3 hours earlier.

When I waved her in the drive and she pulled in to the house across the street. (The house across the street is a ranch. Mine is a two story. )

When I smelled excessive mint on her.

When her other daughter said, "Mommy you smell like  . . . mint." And I saw the panic in the mom's eyes.

When she stumbled on the sidewalk as she was leaving, I realized.

She wasn't driving. But who's to say the driver wasn't drinking as well? I have no idea.

And, if I had realized right away, what would I have done? Would I have spoken up? Asked if she driving? If the driver had been drinking? I spent hours last night praying that I would have. But I fear I wouldn't have wanted to 'offend' her. And that makes zero sense.

She was drunk. What do I care about her feelings?

But she was the child's mother.

But it was a child. A child.

Somehow I didn't see. I didn't want to believe that a mother would show up drunk for a play date pick up.

And she did.

Both of us failed.