Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Magic Room Book Review

This post is a compensated review by BlogHer for the book The Magic Room. All opinions are my own.

In Jeffrey Zaslow's book, The Magic Room: A Story About The Love We Wish For Our Daughters, many brides are discussed. It was interesting.

It's a book about a bridal shop in Fowler Michigan (not far from where I grew up) and the author profiles some of the brides who pass through the store to buy a wedding gown. The stories are many and so varied -- from the bride who is marrying for the first time at 40, to the second time bride at 45, to the family of brides who took vows of chastity, each story that is high lighted is incredibly unique.

The format of the book was nice, in that each bride discussed was revisited at the end to recap their dress and their wedding. How they met their future husband was discussed. I'm not going to lie, some of the stories were difficult to read because they were mundane. And some of them had me in tears because they were so touching.

The most touching part? The story of the family that owns the shop, the Becker family. Theirs is a story of strength, honor, and sheer "I'm going to make to this shop succeed!" They devote long, long hours to this shop and all are involved. The girls grow up listening to the older girls talk with brides and learn how to placate the difficult the ones. Fun fact: The difficult brides are always called " sweetheart " and the easy going ones are always called "girlie. " Makes me wonder what my sales lady called me . . .

If you're getting married soon, I'd say a visit to Beckers Bridal and their magic room - a room walled in mirrors so you can admire yourself in all your wedding dress glow -- would be a great idea. By far a better experience than a big box store. The care with which these women take with their brides and the gowns . . . truly touching.