Sunday, December 25, 2011

They're Smarter Than I Think

So. We got the kids an Xbox 360. I had it all planned out, how we were going to give it to them.

We hid the receiver by the base of the TV with the ottoman so they couldn't see it.

I wrapped a game.

I wrapped a controller.

And when they opened these two seemingly random gifts my husband and I were going to be all, "What in the world? I must have gotten the wrong gift from Amazon and not realized it! And then I wrapped it? And gave it to you? Silly mommy! We don't have an Xbox!" And then when they were done opening up their gifts we were going to slide the ottoman away and scream "OMG we DO have an Xbox!"

Yeah, it was going to be epic. I was hoping for some tears, maybe a need to run for the bathroom.

Instead, Violet walked through the room and saw the *special word* sensor that is on top of the TV. It's black. Slim. Blends in. And since we don't watch TV on Christmas I didn't even think about it.

And she screamed.

And cried.

And may of needed the bathroom.

It was epic.

(just not the epic that I had all planned, see?)