Friday, January 27, 2012

Clean Kitchens and Laundry

I loathe cleaning my kitchen. But I adore a clean one. I don't know why, it's not like it's crazy  huge so it takes a long time to clean or something. It takes everything I have to make sure it's cleaned up after dinner (and I sometimes fail at this) so that it's clean when we come down for breakfast in the morning. I love coming downstairs to a clean kitchen in the early  morning - it totally starts my day off right not having to reach over glasses and mugs to make coffee.

But the night before, when the dinner pots and pans need washing and the island needs de-junking? I can talk myself out of cleaning it faster than a blink: I'm too tired. I've been working on the house all day. I'll do it in a minute. I'll get up extra early and do it before I get the kids up. My feet hurt. I deserve to relax. Maybe my husband will do it (and he often does).

Good excuses, huh?

Except that then I come downstairs at 7 a.m and it's a wreck and I get all tense. I can't just reach for a bowl for some cereal. I have to get it out of the dishwasher - which I better not have forgotten to turn on. So I clean it, and tonight I'll have the same inner fight.

Laundry. I did eight loads one day last week. Eight. In one day. I'd slacked on it for two days and that's what happened. So all this week I've been on it. On it. And today I've washed, dried and folded four loads. How is that even possible? But I love clean clothes - who doesn't? And I love empty laundry baskets. I can't actually use them, mind you. If I put clothes in a basket? There they will stay. If I fold the clothes and carry them upstairs they get put away immediately. Ask me what is sitting at the top of my stairs right now. You got it. A half full basket of clean clothes that I sat there on Tuesday. It's Thursday. I've put, what? Eight more loads away since then, yet I cannot empty that basket.

*sigh* Cleaning the kitchen and laundry. Such a pain, and yes, I'm fully aware, a First World Problem. I've got a great washer and dryer. A dishwasher. Environmentally friendly cleaners. I've got a kitchen.Completely a First World Problem.