Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sarah Actually Sleeps. Really.

So, she sleeps.

*cheers all around*

We've got a six step plan in place that assures her she is ready for bed:


Lovey #1 - ducky

Lovey #2 - Summer her dolphin

A night light with a blue light in it

A CD playing ocean sounds that stays on all night long

A picture on her wall of her happy thing - Cars 2, the movie

With these six (yes, six) things in place she is sleeping. Sleeping people! Some nights she resists falling asleep because she's not wanting the melatonin - which is great. She wants to not take it because she wants to have a sleep over. But without it she can't fall asleep. So she'll lay up there for hours - from seven until 11 sometimes, wide awake and talking to us every time we venture up there.

The downside: Regardless of how fast she falls asleep she doesn't want to wake up in the morning. She resists getting out of bed like a teenager. She pulls the blankets over head; I yank them off the bed. She buries her head under her pillow; I whip the pillow off. I turn her light on and light up her bedroom; she squeezes her eyes shut and burrows between the bed and wall. When she finally does get up she moves as slow as . . . Sarah. It takes her 15 minutes to dress. Five to brush her teeth. Five more to brush her hair. 20 to eat breakfast.

It's driving me batty.

Nothing makes me happy, right? Because SHE IS SLEEPING! And that was the problem. Next to tackle: