Wednesday, January 18, 2012


A 5K. I'm doing it. For reals.

I signed up for it, it's paid for and the date is marked: March 11.

And I have a runnig partner! My friend and neighbor, Nick, has signed up and is running with me. Which is totally awesome. I put it out on Facebook and he's the only one who jumped in with me. Except he's like 6'5 and runs all.the.time. Like, alllll the time. One of his strides is going to be about five of mine. It's going to be a riot. And ugly, but fun.

Today I start week three of my training - the hardest week I'm told. I bought new running shoes today - real running shoes. Brooks. And my feet sang and the heavens opened when I put them on. I'm actually really excited to go ! (Even knowing that it starts the hardest week. Afraid? Nah. *gulp*)

So far my feet have been the thing that's hurt the most, so hopefully this will help.

When I was finishing my run on Monday I wanted so badly to quit. Then "Eye Of The Tiger" came on. You can't just stop running when that song comes on. So I finished my run, actually running (ok, jogging. Really ugly jogging.) and huffing along as I ran up my lawn.

Just like Rocky. Really.