Thursday, January 5, 2012

Run Forrest, Run!

Remember this post, where I told you all how I had started training for a 5k? Ever wonder what happened??


It's sad but true. I got to week three and stopped. But I started again. And again. And again. And got to week three.

Here's the thing. I really want to do a half marathon. I'm inspired by John and Alison. I want to know I've set and accomplished such a great goal. But making it to the 5k mark is all but impossible for me at this point.

So I started the program again. I was going to start last week, but Sarah lost my shoes - really. She's in charge of the shoes in our house and my sneakers disappeared for a week, only to turn up right where I totally thought they should be.

Then I lost my sports bra -- who loses a bra? I know where it was, but when I went to get it? Gone.

So I went to Target and bought a new one. It was all kinds of  uncomfortable.

So back I went, for another one.


I downloaded the app couch-to-5k onto my iPhone and it lets me use my own playlist (no, I don't run to Josh Groban. I run to the Burlesque soundtrack and Marine drills.).

Then it snowed last night and was 31* this morning. BUT, I put on my thermal running tights (so pretty. You have no idea.), my under armour shirt and my fleece.

And I ran.

For about 10 minutes.


I was alone at the park, which is usually really busy with people. And it started to freak me out.

Only my footprints. What if another set suddenly appeared??

OMG, and my mind was off and running. Soon I was the star of a Lifetime movie. And Nicole Kidman was playing me. Christopher Walken was the abductor. Because he's creeptastic. Always.  When my mind created a friendly but wise police officer who would solve the case, played by Morgan Freeman, natch, I was done. I veered off toward my van, jumped in and locked the doors.

I was still totally alone.


I'm going again tomorrow.