Sunday, January 1, 2012

Victoria's Secret? Not So Much

We had a sleep over. It was so much fun. The girls played the Xbox "Just Dance," watched "A Dolphin Tale" and ate a ton of junk food. They stayed up late giggling and asking, "Who farted?" They danced to random music, played Monopoly and Sorry. All in all? A great success.

All totally age appropriate activities.

Then I found a satiny blue, padded bra. Like I would wear. Only child sized. And the child? Doesn't need a bra. By any stretch of the imagination.

I did a little freaking out in my head.

Even if your third grader needs a bra (and yes, there may be some who do) why on earth would you buy her a blue satin padded one?

Tell me. Explain it to me. Because all I see is that you are continuing to sex up our little girls.

I got my first bra in fourth grade - not far off from third. And it was a plain white training bra. Not sexy. Pretty? Sure. White with a little pink bow in the middle that I just had to have. But sexy? No way. Why? I was nine, possibly ten.

And padded? Seriously? I'm sickened all over again. So we're creating breasts where there aren't any.

I do not understand the constant need to sex up our little girls. I do not. It's just wrong and completely inappropriate. Let them be young. Violet is soon going to need a bra for the rest of her life. Why start when she doesn't even need it? And why sexy?

It saddens me.