Monday, April 9, 2012

Thank You, Easter Bunny! (For real!)

So, in this post from a year ago I tell you how Violet was afraid of the Easter Bunny and of course Sarah became afraid of him as well. "He" hid the eggs outside and left the Easter baskets on the porch because entering the house was unacceptable. When that wasn't OK, I told them that I did the Easter baskets and The Bunny hid the eggs. All was well.

So I was a little nervous this year. I avoided taking them to the mall, where The Bunny was, and avoided talking about it. Waiting instead for them to bring it up, hoping this was the right parenting decision.

Nobody talked.

On Good Friday we went to the Philadelphia Zoo (where I bought 6 tickets for 5 adults. Can you say FAIL?).

Nobody talked about The Bunny.

We started coloring Easter eggs and John asked when I was going to hide them.  Sarah very calmly replied, "Oh, the Easter Bunny hides the eggs, Mommy does the baskets."

And then the three of them had a discussion about how Sarah and Violet used to be afraid of the Easter Bunny and how he had to hide the eggs outside but now they were big and he could hide them inside because that would fun.

I stood there and pretended to be involved in the dissolving of little tablets of color.

John listened and chimed in when he could. And was totally unfazed by the fact that both his sisters were afraid by this bunny but now were not. He made sure he understood the logistics, then moved on.

We dyed eggs with minimal breakage and no spilling of vinegar.

They ran off and I cleaned up, watching my growing -up children play.

They're not afraid of a giant rodent come into our house at night and hide hard boiled eggs that we've dyed.


All is well. :)