Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Randomness . . .

~ "Perfectness" is not a word. I know this. Just so you know.

~I'm making The Pioneer Woman's Crashed Hot Potato's for dinner. And I die of taste perfectness.

~ We watched The Smurfs today. They mention a smurf named "Passive Aggressive Smurf." I wanted to post on my FB status: There is a Passive Aggressive Smurf. I know this Smurf well.:  But then I wondered, does that make me passive aggressive?

~ My husband is wonderful. He puts family before everything.

~My children are watching The Fresh Beat Band and the old Marina is on. I much prefer her. Not fair to the new one. Eh.

~ I allowed my children to play in the mud today -- as in IN the mud. Dump it on their head. Dig in it. Mash it in their fingernails. The backyard is a mud-hole of funness. Or perfectness. Your choice.

~ I got to talk on the phone with Diana today for the first time in like a week -- I know. It was great to reconnect and giggle. (Because we are really 12, we giggle. )

~ Swim practice starts tomorrow. This means that for the next 3 weeks there is a hideous overlap of dance/softball/swim and I become 'that' mom who has over scheduled her children. Also, there is massive guilt at not having scheduled John into any of the above.  Perfectness.

~ What's your randomness?

~ Wait. Spell check just totally let perfectness by. So . . . it is a word??