Friday, August 24, 2012

While On Vacation . . .

My children misbehaved. And were a freaking riot. A riot. I took notes, for real, on all the weird stuff they said and did just so I could blog it. They'd say something and I'd laugh so hard, then say, "Hang on, let me write that down." And type it into my little 'notes' app on my iPhone. I always wondered if/when I'd use that! So, a little glimpse into our vacation:

Me: Please don't run on the dock

Sarah & John, in unison: The life jacket makes us run!


Sarah: See that duck? It's name is Flipper.

Me: How do you know it's name is Flipper?

Sarah: Because she's smart.


Did you know fish can choke?


That fish is named Big Ben. Oh, there he is! And there he is! And there . . . and there . . .


John: Mommy, can you go sit over there, because the boat is like leaning.



Daddy, we have a problem (said while fishing), my wheeler inny came off. (that would be the fishing reel that came off.)


Sarah, why don't you sit down?

Oh, I'm not putting my little patootie on those rocks!


I'll touch the fish!! Wait, put him to sleep first.


Daddy, I don't want a booby.

Daddy: Well, that's good, because it's called a bobber.


Whew. I can't run 20 miles. I need running lessons.


We had a wonderful time. We laughed and hung out on the Lake on a pontoon boat, where my husband helped the kids catch fish (although they totally think they did it all themselves) and Violet learned to cast, catch and reel in all by herself.

We went to this small little amusement park, family and Christian owned that was fantastic. Del Grosso's. They had a great water park and a ton of small fair/carnival rides for all ages. We spent 7 hours there, and it was small enough that the kids could get away from you a bit and feel some freedom, but were still with you.  If you're near the State College area of Pennsylvania I highly recommend it.

We had a great time -- and no cell/wifi service.


And we're going back next year for 5 days.  (on a houseboat -- so awesome!)

I loved it, but did I mention no cell or wifi??