Saturday, November 16, 2013

And So We Begin Again

I'm changing things up a bit. Or, a lot. I'm switching my focus (as well as my URL) from depression/anxiety to homeschooling and all it's unique characteristics. The one thing that will not change is my absolute honesty and transparency. That was my goal when I was writing Baby Feet - to tell my story with complete honesty about how severe depression and anxiety impacted  my life and the lives of my loved ones. I have the same goal here at The Truth About Homeschooling - to tell my story with complete honesty about our home school journey.

 This story, these experiences, they are not going to be pretty and happy all the time. This is where I want to paint a picture of the reality of home school - the awesomeness of it as well as the doubt and messiness that happens each and every day. I want this to be a place of reality. No unique and well thought out printables. No links to amazing Pinterest worthy projects we've effortlessly completed. No incredible lunches that I've packed into bento boxes and taken on field trips with us.

Do not mistake me - We are thoroughly enjoying home school and we all know that this is the absolute best choice for our family at this time. We  laugh more, we are definitely more relaxed. We enjoy each other and our time together more than we used to. The kids really are becoming more of a 'team.' They truly are growing closer. We are completing some work way ahead of schedule, but we are behind in other areas where we need more time and help. These are all reasons we chose to home school, so we are achieving every 'hope' we had. But don't be fooled - it is hard. And that's what I want to show. I have read so  many posts about home school - while we were thinking about it and now that we are neck deep in it - and the overwhelming majority of them have painted home school as an endeavor, that while challenging, is pretty rosey. Well, I need some more reality. I need to read more doubt, more 'why did I fail at science again today?' more 'this totally worked, we did it all and then had cereal for dinner because I forgot the crock pot meal I'd meticulously planned.'

So, that's my plan.

Honesty. Reality. Raw. Uncensored. Just us, at home, dealing and thriving with all the insanity that home school is throwing at us. The good, the bad and the ugly.