Friday, November 26, 2010

Friday Flip 11/26

OK, so here we again for Friday Flip Offs thanks to Momma Kiss. She as usual, totally ROCKS. She doesn't seem to be doing an official Flip today, but I need one.  I am in a sad, sorry mood, so we're going to be short and sweet. Ready, set, go!

Two large, well endowed middle ones go to expectations and being disappointed. Why do I set myself up? Why? My brain knows to not expect even a 'thanks, nicely done.' Yet my heart is still lying on the floor bleeding and crushed. So flip off to being pragmatic. Feel something, damn it!

Many, many bony ones go to babying grown children. Really? At some point you have to cut the cord. For the love of all that is right and good, do it already. Watching it transpire is actually painful.

A large, pointy, dirty finger goes to people who like to share bad, horrible stories about awful things happening to children. Shut up. Do you have a brain? Does that brain have a filter that says, "This might not be something I should share."? Obviously NOT. And when I say, "This is not helping. Stop sharing. Stop!" Do not continue with the story. Do not. For real. So you? Get a big ole bony finger.

And finally, a middle one goes to me, for saying, "I will be nice. I will be Godly, and Christian, and good. I will love, honor and respect." And then, in the end I was yelling things like, "Shut up, shut up, shut up! This is not helping!" and "Really? Did I not just say I wasn't discussing this?" And rolling my eyes, huffing, sighing, hiding, and screaming inside. I allowed my feelings to get hurt when I know better. I allowed myself to get angry when anger is not the answer. I became a 13 year old going through puberty. Except my 13 year old niece does not behave like I did. So I? Get the big ole bird.