Monday, November 29, 2010

Holiday Tips and Who Needs Martha?

Every year you have at least one dish that just doesn't go quite . . . right. This year that dish was the rolls -- my responsibility. The turkey-- that I brined, dried, rubbed, stuffed w/ onions and apples?  Not a problem. Roasted Garlic taters? Easy. The thaw and bake rolls, because that is just so difficult: fail. I've included pictures for your viewing pleasure. Do you see how gi-normous they are? We called them 'mutant rolls.' They were beyond huge.

After reading Momma Kiss's Favorite Things post, I was inspired to have the kids make their very own paper chain. Then I totally forgot about it. Then I got a reply from her about her paper chain! So the paper chain making began! The result:

Yes, and just like in Momma Kiss' house, our paper chain is also made of Post It's. Because that's how we roll. (and FYI, the 3 kids were fighting over the Post It's. Like knock down-drag out fighting. Construction paper has met its match and we'll never go back.) I'll save these pictures and show the kids how earth friendly we are: reduce, reuse, recycle!