Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday Featurette


Today I'm being featured over at Mommy Monologues for the Friday Featurette's feature! Pretty crazy, right? I've followed Kate since I started blogging, waaaay back in April, so I'm incredibly excited that I'm up on her blog today. Also, she was one of my first followers, which blew my mind.

I love the idea of Kate's Friday Featurette's. With this she opens her blog to others and lets us . . . well, advertise ourselves. How generous, and a little insane, is that? These Featurette's give those of us who are a *little* lesser known some 'street cred.' So, Kate, thank you!!

Reasons I adore Kate:
*Look at her profile pic. That's from her wedding. Uhm, hello? I want to get married again (to my husband) just to have my picture taken like that.

*She can speak Spanish. Everything sounds better in Spanish. I'd change the oil in the mini van if my husband asked me to do it in Spanish.

*The story of how she and her husband met? HI-larious!

Click on over to see me!